6 Alarm Fire in Fitchburg

In progress now: 3rd alarm transmitted on arrival for heavy fire in a commercial building at 520 Main St. OIC requesting an additional ladder & tower ladder above the 3rd alarm. Heavy fire in the cockloft. Listen to the fire live here.

21:45 4th alarm transmitted. Fire is in a 5 story brick structure, floor 1 is commercial, with apartments above.

21:53 All firefighters ordered out of the building, evac tones sounded. FD employing master streams.

22:02 Off duty firefighters being recalled. Additional Tower Ladder being requested from Gardner FD.

22:04 Per MEMA State Control, fire is now at a 6th alarm.

As of midnight, firefighters still had fire in the building. Defensive operations were being conducted, with as many as 6 master streams in use. Operations will likely continue throughout the night.

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